1. In which locations does Good Dog provide their services?

We offer our individual services in most districts of Berlin: Tempelhof, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Schöneberg, Charlottenburg,  Steglitz, Zehlendorf, Teltow, Kleinmachnow and Mahlow. Additionally, we also provide 1:1 training at your home, in Berlin. 

2. How might I book a consultation?

We have a list of services we provide. Please check our services list here, and calendar here. You can directly register for these services through our calendar.

3. How can I pay for a consultation?

When you book a service through our calendar, you can directly pay online at check out through Paypal.

4. Do you offer boarding for dogs?

Currently we are not offering any additional boarding services. 

5. What is your dog training methodology?

We use positive reinforcement and force-free methods. You can see our qualifications here.

6. My dog has aggressive behaviors. Do you train aggressive dogs?

We refrain from training aggressive dogs since they need specialized training. If your dog has bitten in the past, we can help refer you to a specialized trainer. 

7. What is Hundegarten and how does it work?

You can rent our space of nearly 4000m2 for individual training sessions, agility, play, doggy meetings, etc. The fee of EUR 20 is for 1 hour and a maximum of 4 dogs. For each additional dog, we charge EUR 5. After having received your advance payment via PayPal to info@good-dog-berlin.de we will confirm your reservation. You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours in advance and we will reimburse you. Cancellations 24 hours prior will be reimbursed with 50% of the fee. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior can’t be reimbursed.

A few requirements for Hundegarten: 

1. All dogs must have a valid dog liability insurance (Hundehaftpflichtversicherung) and be healthy and free of contagious diseases, worms, parasites etc.

2. Excessive barking could lead to problems with the neighbourhood, thus should be kept at a minimum. 

3. Damage to the property or items on it should be avoided. Otherwise get reported and fixed or replaced.

4. Poop gets picked up by the owner.

5. Each dog owner is responsible for their dog’s actions as well as for themselves. Children need to be supervised (our property and equipment are not necessarily safe for children).

6. We will not be held liable for any physical harm to visitors or dogs. The same applies to any damage to items that you bring onto the property.

7. Everybody is responsible for themselves, their children, and their dogs.

8. We reserve the right to decide whom to permit the entry to our property.

By entering the HundeGarten you accept the above rules.

8. Do you train rescue dogs?

We generally train all dogs and are also very experienced with so-called rescue dogs. We have fostered various dogs in need of a home and privately own three rescue/shelter dogs.

9. At what age do you recommend dog training? 

We highly recommend dog training and socialization classes starting at 10 weeks. 

10. Do you do 1:1 at-home training?

Yes, please refer to our calendar or contact us directly for 1:1 training options. 

11. can I bring my partner/ children to your training sessions?

Yes, your partner or children are welcome. 

12. Do you do online training sessions?

Yes, we provide training through zoom, or other platforms. 

13. What type of training is best for my dog?

In order to best understand your dogs needs, we recommend joining us for the educational walk in Berlin, Mitte, on Sundays. This way, we will be able to meet you and your dog, and recommend the right service. Please visit our calendar to see the schedule for our educational walks.