About Kerstin

Dog Owner Coach Kerstin Heinrich-Stewart

In April 2011 I founded K9-CONSULTING, later renamed to GOOD-DOG-BERLIN ©️.

I’m a native Berliner and speak English, German and French fluently. I live with Jamie, my Australian husband and also a dog trainer, and two dogs  in Mahlow south of Berlin.

Having been employed at a foreign mission in Berlin for over 20 years, I’ve been looking after all the relocation needs of diplomats and their families.

After having completed theoretical and practical training and receiving the official certification for dog trainers in Germany (§11), I look since 2011 after Expats and their dogs in order to help them to enjoy each other and life in the ‘Hundehauptstadt’ Berlin.

Kerstin's dog trainer qualifications

Since its implementation in 2014, I hold the Dog Trainer License Paragraph 11, Nr. 8 (f) issued by the German Veterinary Office (Veterinäramt Luckenwalde). This new, compulsive law was created Germany-wide to examine the dog trainer’s qualification as a dog trainer and behaviourist, and to prove that the training is performed according to German Animal Welfare Principles.

Due to the high demand – as many of my clients are frequent travellers – I also applied in 2015 for the paragraph 11, Nr. 8 (d) for caring and boarding of dogs. After checking my qualifications and an inspection of my facilities (house and garden), I was granted the official permission to board dogs (Veterinäramt Luckenwalde).

In 2016 new Dog Laws were passed and implemented in 2019 by the Berlin Senate, the so-called Berliner Hundegesetz with the main focus on the “Hundeführerschein” – a licence that allows dog owners to have their dog walk off-leash in not-crowded streets and other areas, where dog owners without this license need to keep their dog on a leash. Since 2019 I am an officially recognized ‘Sachverständige zur Abnahme der Sachkundeprüfung’.

  • Veronika Naß – 1-day practical physiotherapy workshop ‘Massage for dogs’
  • Ariane Ullrich / Simone Pohl – 1-day practical workshop ‘Anti-poison / bait Training’
  • Maren Grote – 3-day workshop ‘Puppy Traing for Trainers’
  • Thomas Baumann – 2-day practical workshop ‘Dog Training in Animal Shelters’
  • Thomas Baumann – 3-day practical workshop ‘Introducing Aggressive Dogs into a Group Setting’
  • PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer & Thomas Baumann – 2-day practical workshop ‘Introducing Insecure and Fearful Dogs into a Group Setting’
  • Dr. Sophie Strodtbeck – 1-day lecture ‘A Dog is what s/he Eats / Nutrition & Behaviour’
  • Thomas Baumann – 3-day practical workshop ‘Dog-to-Dog-Aggression / Social Aggression’
  • Hundeakademie Darmstadt Perdita Lübbe – 5-day practical traineeship covering all aspects of puppy and adult dog training
  • Mirjam Cordt – 2-day seminar ‘Prevention of Dog Bites’ & ‘Live Stock Guarding Dogs’
  • Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann – 2-day practical workshop ‘Aggressive Behaviour’
  • Anita Balser – 2-day practical workshop ‘In the Dog’s Native Language’
  • Günther Bloch – 2-day practical workshop ‘Relationship, Bonding and bio-behavioural Methodology’
  • Dr. Adam Miklosi – Evening lecture ‘Bond and Separation’
  • Ariane Ullrich – 2-day practical seminar ‘Impulse Control’
  • Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann – 2-day workshop ‘Canine Body Language and Behavioural Expression’
  • Thomas Baumann – 2-day practical workshop ‘Insecure and Fearful Dogs in Animal Shelters’
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar – 3-day lecture via Online-Streaming ‘Puppy Socialisation’
  • PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Evening lecture for Breeders ‘Research meets Practice’
  • Heike Benzing – 2-day seminar for dog trainers ‘Puppies and Adolescent Dogs’ & ‘Handling of Multiple Dogs’
  • Thomas Baumann & PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – 2-day workshop ‘Stress in Animal Shelter Dogs’
  • Ariane Ullrich & Simone Pohl – 2-day practical workshop ‘Shelter Dogs = Problem Dogs?’
  • Sami El-Ayachi – 2-day practical workshop ‘Longeing & Body Language’
  • Michael Grewe – 2-day workshop ‘Unwanted Hunting Behaviour’
  • Thomas Baumann – 3-day workshop ‘Aggressive and Dangerous Dogs’
  • Angelika Lanzerath – 1-day seminar ‘Dealing with Difficulties in Dog Education’
  • Thomas Baumann – Practical week ‘Dealing with Difficult and Dangerous Dogs’
  • Thomas Baumann – 3-day workshop ‘Difficult Dogs’
  • ASB Berlin – ‘First Aid for Dogs’
  • Dr. Sophie Strodtbeck – Evening seminar ‘Stress in Dogs’
  • PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Dog Symposium Berlin, 2-day seminar ‘Mobbing and Pack Aggression’
  • PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Breeder seminar ‘Hormones’
  • Clarissa von Reinhardt – Evening seminar ‘Successful Dog Training with Fun’
  • TiNO (Tiere in Not Odenwald) Animal Shelter – 6-day fulltime practical week ‘Working with Traumatised and Fearful Dogs’
  • Ute Heberer – Working with Aggressive Dogs (during practical week at TiNO)
  • Barbara Ertl – 2-day Practical workshop ‘Identifying Natural Pack Constellations’
  • Günther Bloch – 2-day Practical workshop ‘Monkey meets Wolf – Dominate or Cooperate?’
  • Günther Bloch und PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Evening seminar ‘Territorial Behaviour of Dogs’
  • Dr. Dorit Feddersen-Petersen & Dr. Iris Mackensen-Friedrichs – Weekend seminar ‘Dog Behaviour & Communication’
  • PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Breeder seminar ‘Conditioning of Puppies and Young Dogs’
  • Günther Bloch & PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Evening seminar ‘Dog Behaviour’
  • Michael Grewe – Evening lecture ‘Dogs’ Play’
  • Alexandra Grunow (K9-Suchhundezentrum) ‚Mantrailing‘
  • PD Dr. Udo Gansloßer – Weekend seminar ‘Human-Canine Relationship from a Behavioural Biologists’ Perspective’
  • Stephan Kaasche – ‘Wolves in Germany’
  • Anja Krieghoff – ‘Which Dog Fits to Me and My Lifestyle?’
  • Certified Dog Trainer with focus on behaviour therapy (13 months / 400 hours training course at www.dogcoach-institut.de).
  • Certificate of Expertise in accordance with the German Dog Legislation (Sachkundenachweis).
  • Additional practical traineeship at TiNO Amimal Shelter in Hessen, with focus on fearful and traumatised dogs.
  • Additional practical training week at Dogworld, Thomas Baumann, with focus on aggressive and dangerous dogs.
  • Lecturer for adult education classes: ‘Choosing the Right Dog’ (Volkshochschule T-F 2013/14).
  • Holder of a valid liability insurance for dog trainers.
  • Member of the Association of professional dog trainers in Germany “Verband professioneller Hundetrainer“.

About Jamie


After assisting me many years, in 2019 Jamie Heinrich-Stewart decided to sit – and of course passed – the dog trainer and behaviourist exams. So, since 2019 he too holds the Paragraph 11, Nr. 8 (f) dog trainer license (Veterinäramt Luckenwalde).

Jamie at our Puppy Pool Party

The Good Dog Berlin team


Staying with Good Dog Berlin

Sarah-Leith Stevie

When I was asked to go to China for 3 months work at the beginning of this year, I was very stressed about having to leave my dog behind for such a long period of time. The only people that I would ever trust enough to leave Stevie with are Kerstin and Jamie. Not just because they are great people who are amazing with dogs, but also because their guest dogs stay in the house and live in a 'family' environment, rather than in kennels.

Luckily for me they were available and happy to do it! While I was away Kerstin sent me regular photo updates and it was very obvious from the photos that Stevie was having a wonderful time. Stevie was treated like one of the family and quickly settled in.

I felt very secure that Stevie was getting the best care possible. They even crate trained her for her upcoming journey to Hong Kong. I can’t recommend Kerstin and Jamie highly enough!

Mike & Carey Henry

While living in Berlin, we travelled extensively for work, which can be a real challenge with a dog. However, that all changed when we found Kerstin and Jamie.

Our dog Henry is quite quirky and highly-strung, but took an immediate shine to both Kerstin and Jamie - in fact, after a few visits he would actually drag us down the road to their front door. Henry was welcomed into their home, which also has two very friendly dogs, who he loved playing with and are very easy going.

It was also brilliant that we were always kept in the the loop with pictures and updates, which is great while you're away from home. Kerstin and Jamie are always eager to understand your dogs needs, so always ensure they are comfortable with toys and comfy beds, have wonderful walks in the countryside, and are conscious about ensuring they are eating all their meals, which we know can be tricky when a dog isn't at home.

Kerstin with her dog in 1972

Voluntary work

Glückspfoten e.V.

Foster care of a rescue puppies for the charitable animal-protection organization 'Glückspfoten e.V.'

Schützende Hand e.V.

Foster care of a homeless puppy from the Zossen animal shelter for the charitable animal-protection organization 'Schützende Hand e.V.'

Zossen Animal Shelter

Voluntary work with homeless dogs at the Zossen animal shelter since 2013