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"I would highly recommend Good Dog Berlin to everyone. We were first time dog owners and Kerstin showed us great techniques to train Toby from puppy to adult - including the tricky adolescence stage! Group and private classes are fun and very informative. Toby absolutely loves Kerstin."
Jenny  C

„It is comforting to know that when we are away from home that Sterling will be well taken care of. He gets nice long walks in the countryside, time with other puppies, and even a bit of training. He loves his stays in Mahlow and comes home exhausted and ready for sleep, which is nice as we recover from our trips too!“

Kyle K.

“It turns out adopting a puppy demands a lot more work than just cuddles and cute picture taking. We were extremely fortunate to have come into contact with Kerstin, who has been absolutely crucial in our early days of training our beloved little Olive, who is now growing up to be an adorable little lady. Kerstin has helped us really understand the language of our puppy, as well as showed us the most crucial steps to ensure Olive starts her new life with us as a healty, well-adjusted ball of happiness.“

Mike C.

“I want to thank you very much for being such a huge part of Kostya quickly growing into a wonderful, happy young dog!

It is not an overstatement to say that getting Konstantin and keeping him happy and healthy would have been a much more complicated and difficult process without your help!”

Bob G.

“…Butch has been great ever since we met. We’re being very consistent”…

Lee C

"After moving from Los Angeles to Berlin, Benny & Sophie had difficulty adjusting. Kerstin taught us helpful tools to combat their anxiety and make them feel more at home."

Winston G. & John M.

"I had a good experience training Papi Soy with Kerstin. She took her time with us and was flexible and we got much out of the puppyclass and also the one on one training. Especially appreciated was the good communication on email in between the classes where i got advice on whatever i was asking.“

Stine O

"They were taking extraordinary great care of Ludwig. I feel they truly care about animals and are genuinely concerned about their well-being."

Idan S.

"My leash walking is going so well. Bailey is really wonderful at it and the zig zagging has really improved."

Rebecca F.

"Working with Kerstin has been great! Janet has been learning quickly and the training sessions have been simple and encouraging. Kerstin has continuously gone above and beyond my expectations of a dog trainer often following up after class or checking in during the week. Highly recommended!"

Parker T.

"Within a few weeks, Kale was showing a lot of improvements with his behaviour and was becoming much more manageable!
Kersitn showed real dedication to me and Kale as a friend and as a training support. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Adina B.

 "Sandro now loves humans, dogs and love to learn whenever he can. He and us enjoyed every moment, the little puppy became a little man."

Yonatan & Vincent

Kerstin was wonderful and really helped us with Murphy. Her patience and keen sense really helped us in establishing a plan that worked well for us and for our dog. Within just a few months, he went from an unruly puppy to a well behaved dog! We would never hesitate recommending Kerstin to any dog owner in the city.“

Nicholas T.

While living in Berlin, we travelled extensively for work, which can be a real challenge with a dog. However, that all changed when we found Kerstin and Jamie. 

Our dog Henry is quite quirky and highly-strung, but took an immediate shine to both Kerstin and Jamie - in fact, after a few visits he would actually drag us down the road to their front door. Henry was welcomed into their home, which also has two very friendly dogs, who he loved playing with and are very easy going. 

It was also brilliant that we were always kept in the the loop with pictures and updates, which is great while you're away from home. Kerstin and Jamie are always eager to understand your dogs needs, so always ensure they are comfortable with toys and comfy beds, have wonderful walks in the countryside, and are conscious about ensuring they are eating all their meals, which we know can be tricky when a dog isn't at home. 

In short, we cannot recommend Kerstin highly enough!"

Mike and Carey Pearson